Top Check-In Comments As Of July 2012

16 Jul

My favorite svn check-in comments from the last few months:

I Like when Zach refers to himself in third person:
Author: zgirod, This is fixing a bug where zach forgot another where clause.. this one is causing performance issues

These were all within 10 minutes of each other:
Author: apodlyesnyy
one more fix
second fix
third fix

Some random favorites:
Author: kjones, KJ – HappyScript to keep your JavaScript happy.
Author: JBosse, JDB – *sad panda*
Author: JBosse, JDB – Fixed my POS code.
Author: JBosse, JDB – That’s all for today folks!
Author: kjones, KJ – Console Log removed [sigh].
Author: bgreen, Unused styles… I Haz them.
Author: JBosse, JDB – Silly radix, ints are for kids!
Author: bgreen, Geoff owes me a pint
Author: bgreen, Fix a couple tests… Geoff owes me another pint.
Author: bgreen, Fix QUnit Tests… Jimmy owes me a pint.
Author: dfiala, API PROD Pack: Just to give Guru something to review
Author: dfiala, API PROD Package- (*&^@
Author: bgreen, I suck…
Author: JBosse, JDB – Slap-happy.

Abhi having a bad day:
Author: asharma, Soft deletion sucks big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the number one SVN checkin of all time:
Author: JBosse:

                           d8888888888888b                        _,ad8ba,_
                          d888888888888888)                     ,d888888888b,
                          I8888888888888888 _________          ,8888888888888b
                __________`Y88888888888888P"""""""""""baaa,__ ,888888888888888,
            ,adP"""""""""""9888888888P""^                 ^""Y8888888888888888I
         ,a8"^           ,d888P"888P^                           ^"Y8888888888P'
       ,a8^            ,d8888'                                     ^Y8888888P'
      a88'           ,d8888P'                                        I88P"^
    ,d88'           d88888P'                                          "b,
   ,d88'           d888888'                                            `b,
  ,d88'           d888888I                                              `b,
  d88I           ,8888888'            ___                                `b,
,888'           d8888888          ,d88888b,              ____            `b,
d888           ,8888888I         d88888888b,           ,d8888b,           `b
,8888           I8888888I        d8888888888I          ,88888888b           8,
I8888           88888888b       d88888888888'          8888888888b          8I
d8886           888888888       Y888888888P'           Y8888888888,        ,8b
88888b          I88888888b      `Y8888888^             `Y888888888I        d88,
Y88888b         `888888888b,      `""""^                `Y8888888P'       d888I
`888888b         88888888888b,                           `Y8888P^        d88888
Y888888b       ,8888888888888ba,_          _______        `""^        ,d888888
I8888888b,    ,888888888888888888ba,_     d88888888b               ,ad8888888I
`888888888b,  I8888888888888888888888b,    ^"Y888P"^      ____.,ad88888888888I
  88888888888b,`888888888888888888888888b,     ""      ad888888888888888888888'
  88888888888888888888888888888888888888888b,`"""^ d8888888888888888888888888I
  I888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888P^  ^Y8888888888888888888888'
  `Y88888888888888888P88888888888888888888888888'     ^88888888888888888888I
   `Y8888888888888888 `8888888888888888888888888       8888888888888888888P'
    `Y888888888888888  `888888888888888888888888,     ,888888888888888888P'
     `Y88888888888888b  `88888888888888888888888I     I888888888888888888'
       "Y8888888888888b  `8888888888888888888888I     I88888888888888888'
         "Y88888888888P   `888888888888888888888b     d8888888888888888'
            ^""""""""^     `Y88888888888888888888,    888888888888888P'
                             "8888888888888888888b,   Y888888888888P^
                              `Y888888888888888888b   `Y8888888P"^
                                "Y8888888888888888P     `""""^

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