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27 Sep

Brett W. Green's On the Contrary

Did you know that ADO.Net leaks isolation levels across pooled connections?

This is particularly bad if you’re trying to use Snapshot isolation in SQL Server 2005+.

So, let’s say you create an ADO.NET connection (say, from Entity Framework) and do an update… you’re fierce about your data integrity, so you set your isolation level to Serializable… or you use TransactionScope and don’t bother to specify an isolation level and you get the default of Serializable (ye gods!)

When you’re done, that connection goes back into pool.

Now you open a new connection to and try to read data from a snapshot database with a simple select statement.  That connection you just got came off the pool, but with Serializable isolation level still set!

Now, rather than the beautiful clean, non-blocking read you were hoping for, you get a blocked read… exactly the thing you hoped  snapshot isolation would prevent!

The problem, essentially, is…

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UMD CompSci Open House – Retrospective

21 Sep

If you would like to apply to our Entry Level Developer Program please search Careers4Terps post ID 65243

Last night was an exciting night for Fortigent Developers. We spent the evening in the beautiful CSIC on the campus of University of Maryland. There was a meet and greet before hand in a lecture hall. Great food, and a great chance to scope out the competition.

Lecture Hall

All the corporate representatives before the students were invited in. (black t-shirts) looks a little aloof if you ask me.

After that we proceeded to construct our table. We had a little nook in one of the classrooms on the 3rd floor, just outside of us was Google’s extravagant set up. The big West Coast firms weren’t able to keep up with the students and lost favor with a portion of the students. Fortigent, on the other hand, was able to have personal time with each and every person who stopped by.


Table set up. We were able to procure a laptop and a tablet to display some of our technology platform. Our web applications definitely appealed to the students’ eyes.


Brett, Zach, and Tim early in the night. On the prowl for talented undergrads.

We had an inviting (if not a little menacing due to the black theme) set up that attracted students from all walks of life. Four developers were on hand to talk technology with the students. Our cup hand-outs were a big success.

When the clock struck 6:00 and the students started circulating in. Unlike the big Silicon Valley guys, we were able to spend at least 5 minutes with each prospect. There were some amazing projects being worked on, and we felt privileged to be hearing from such talented students. Mobile development, and open source projects seem to be really popular in the college set. Three hours later and a few dozen resumes heavier, we were content and packed up.


Some students brought non-traditional transportation to the event.

All in all, I think it’s safe to say we were a part of a great event. It was fantastic to meet all the talented young people who will be developing the next great applications. Hopefully we sparked enough interest to get some top quality candidates for our Entry Level Developer Program.

We’d like to thank University of Maryland and the Computer Science department for putting on such a successful event.

Fortigent Development Team at University of Maryland

20 Sep

It is an exciting day for the Developers at Fortigent. Today we will be making the arduous trek (it is the Beltway after all) to College Park to visit the University of Maryland! We will have a booth set up at the Computer Science Job Fair in the Computer Science Instructional Center from 4:15pm until 8:30pm.


Students will be able to check out our booth starting at 6:00pm. We will be handing out prizes and information to all of the bright minds who stop by. Be sure to come early, before we run out…of prizes, not info.

Multiple Fortigent developers will be on site to answer questions and get to know those who are interested in joining our Entry Level Developer Program.

We have been looking forward to this opportunity to meet the students who will be the next generation of developers at Fortigent!

If you do happen to miss the event (for shame), feel free to peruse the material we will be handing out.

This is a quick FAQ that shines a little bit of light on the specifics of the Entry Level Developer Program:


Here is a brochure that lets you get a little more familiar with our fantastic development team. Feel free to sneak a peek at our computer-monitor-tanned faces:

Fortigent Brochure

And finally, here is a completely unusable image of a prize you could have won had you stopped by:

Fortigent Cup

Stacking Chips: Investing in new human capital

14 Sep

Institutions need to organize based on their needs at a given time. You can describe an organization as being top heavy or bottom heavy based on the kind of capital they possess. Right now, I see Fortigent Development as more of the former. The team is made up almost entirely of experienced and talented people who have multiple full-fledged projects under their belt.

Sounds ideal, right? Of course it does! A team of proven success is going to methodically succeed in their task. But what if you want to grow? What if you want to make this team something that will persist and be successful over the long term?

Working in a financial industry has got me thinking a lot about investing. What you have now is fine, but you want to make sure that it’ll be there over the long haul. Even better, you want your investment to grow. Financial advisors prescribe a myriad of strategies to grow an investment, all with varying degrees of associated risk. There are blue-chip investments; those you know what you’re getting out of them. But what have emerged as more interesting to me are the investments with higher upside. Taking an unknown quantity and betting on it in hopes that you can do even better.

Fortigent could continue on the path of blue-chip investments. We can bring in known commodities and allow them to adapt their proven creativity and problem solving ability to our projects. This is a conservative strategy that allows for steady growth.

On the other hand, Fortigent can expose itself to a bit more risk in the hopes of explosive growth potential. By bringing on Entry Level Developers, we have the opportunity to invest in unknown commodities. These are people who have yet to prove themselves in the software development world. We can train and care for new developers who have the pre-requisite skills, but have yet to find a platform to express them. With the aid of experienced developers and the structure of supportive management, these Entry Level Developers have the perfect avenue to become high performing development assets.

As a student of the life sciences, the relationship I envision is a symbiotic one. It’s a funny word, but it simply means that all parties involved get a positive return on their investment. Senior Developers must devote their time and energy into the grooming of new talent. It can be frustrating, distracting, and even painful.

So why bother?

Because sooner rather than later, the Entry Level Developer begins to actually learn about what they’re being exposed to! They can apply the knowledge imparted upon them by their teacher. This allows the Senior Developer to focus their energy on the cutting edge, and leave their legacy development to more junior team members. Symbiosis! The senior developer, new developer, and Fortigent all assume the positive outcomes of this relationship.

We are already laying the groundwork for this reorganization. It requires creativity, strategy, and thoughtfulness. Luckily, these are qualities that we already exhibit when developing the latest and greatest applications. We’re creating resources and a structure that will make becoming a high-functioning software developer more streamlined. With this backbone in place, and with the support of experienced team members, onboarding Entry Level Developers is becoming more efficient and more successful.

It’s time to diversify our investments and acquire high-potential new talent in the form of new Entry Level Developers. This shift in human capital at Fortigent will allow us to become a more diverse, fresh, and high-performance organization in today’s competitive market.