Fortigent Development Team at University of Maryland

20 Sep

It is an exciting day for the Developers at Fortigent. Today we will be making the arduous trek (it is the Beltway after all) to College Park to visit the University of Maryland! We will have a booth set up at the Computer Science Job Fair in the Computer Science Instructional Center from 4:15pm until 8:30pm.


Students will be able to check out our booth starting at 6:00pm. We will be handing out prizes and information to all of the bright minds who stop by. Be sure to come early, before we run out…of prizes, not info.

Multiple Fortigent developers will be on site to answer questions and get to know those who are interested in joining our Entry Level Developer Program.

We have been looking forward to this opportunity to meet the students who will be the next generation of developers at Fortigent!

If you do happen to miss the event (for shame), feel free to peruse the material we will be handing out.

This is a quick FAQ that shines a little bit of light on the specifics of the Entry Level Developer Program:


Here is a brochure that lets you get a little more familiar with our fantastic development team. Feel free to sneak a peek at our computer-monitor-tanned faces:

Fortigent Brochure

And finally, here is a completely unusable image of a prize you could have won had you stopped by:

Fortigent Cup

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