UMD CompSci Open House – Retrospective

21 Sep

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Last night was an exciting night for Fortigent Developers. We spent the evening in the beautiful CSIC on the campus of University of Maryland. There was a meet and greet before hand in a lecture hall. Great food, and a great chance to scope out the competition.

Lecture Hall

All the corporate representatives before the students were invited in. (black t-shirts) looks a little aloof if you ask me.

After that we proceeded to construct our table. We had a little nook in one of the classrooms on the 3rd floor, just outside of us was Google’s extravagant set up. The big West Coast firms weren’t able to keep up with the students and lost favor with a portion of the students. Fortigent, on the other hand, was able to have personal time with each and every person who stopped by.


Table set up. We were able to procure a laptop and a tablet to display some of our technology platform. Our web applications definitely appealed to the students’ eyes.


Brett, Zach, and Tim early in the night. On the prowl for talented undergrads.

We had an inviting (if not a little menacing due to the black theme) set up that attracted students from all walks of life. Four developers were on hand to talk technology with the students. Our cup hand-outs were a big success.

When the clock struck 6:00 and the students started circulating in. Unlike the big Silicon Valley guys, we were able to spend at least 5 minutes with each prospect. There were some amazing projects being worked on, and we felt privileged to be hearing from such talented students. Mobile development, and open source projects seem to be really popular in the college set. Three hours later and a few dozen resumes heavier, we were content and packed up.


Some students brought non-traditional transportation to the event.

All in all, I think it’s safe to say we were a part of a great event. It was fantastic to meet all the talented young people who will be developing the next great applications. Hopefully we sparked enough interest to get some top quality candidates for our Entry Level Developer Program.

We’d like to thank University of Maryland and the Computer Science department for putting on such a successful event.

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