30 Nov

jennifer alpert

There’s a lot of buzz these days around Agile software development and how successful it has proven to be for many businesses.  We hear uplifting stories about groups of brilliant, unshaven, hipster software developers in jeans and ironic t-shirts who take a break from their latest Whole Foods excursion and casually congregate in cube-less office warehouses with brightly colored walls, complete with 4 monitors per programmer, to magically create the next “big thing” to hit the technology arms race.

What’s that?  An app that drives my Prius, submits my “tall skim half-caf latte” order to the closest Starbucks, and writes this blog at the same time?

Well, this app doesn’t actually exist yet, but I’m pretty sure that at least one of the above mentioned hipsters is reading this right now frothing at the mouth as they fantasize about daily scrums, unit test creation, and countless hours sitting at a…

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  1. Jamie McIntyre (@Jamie_McI) December 1, 2012 at 5:13 pm #

    Love this post – and it’s evident you practice what you preach. Asking expansive and creative questions is probably one of the best tools available. Too often you see some of the most educated and experienced people duel in “I’m smarter than you” one-up-manship and hours later forget what problem they were trying to solve in the first place. Keep it coming!

    I am a little nervous about this can of pink paint you refer to . . .

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