Fortigent Engineering hits the Lanes

18 Mar

Last week was an exciting time for the Engineering team here at Fortigent. We were able to embark on a fun afternoon to the local bowling alley to celebrate the successes of the past year.

The event was full of laughter, refreshment, and even some monogrammed t-shirts. On this day, Engineering consisted of 4 brand new software developers, eager to introduce themselves, and maybe even out bowl the rest of the team.

A sneaky shot taken of Ram during his miracle game.

The event was not without competition, however, as the 5 teams of six mercilessly prodded one another in order to ensure the best spot on the leader board. Team Brett took the crown, however, with an average score of 212.67 after two games, or 106.34 per person per game. Ram C. was the quiet star, as he knocked down an astounding 194 pins in his second game. Witnesses swear that they saw actual flames emanating from the ball as he hurled it effortlessly down the lane.

The afternoon concluded with a short celebration of contributions by key team members over the past year. These contributions include rolling out a new generation of file storage architecture for the company, as well as working relentlessly to satisfy a customer. Congratulations again to Ranjini, Bob, and JB on their effort.

Team Daya, in what we can only assume was an attempt to bring agility to the lane.

Thanks again to those who made this event possible. Judging by the amount of energy and positive affect this brought to the team, there is little doubt that we will be investing in more opportunities to unite the team in outings such as this.

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