Fortigent Engineering is Growing

15 Apr


After nine months on the team, I am safely able to say that I’m no longer the F.N.G. (that’s Fortigent New Guy for those of you snickering in the corner).

In the span of less than a year, the pool of engineers on our team has almost doubled. We’re analyzing, developing, and testing more every single day. We’re stretching ourselves into new areas with enthusiasm and vigor. Needless to say, it’s an exciting time to be here because the more we prove to the world that we’re a great team, the more our team is able to grow. To that end, we have already been able to hire four new developers in 2013!

Our two newest senior developers, Dobri and Alex, come from very different areas of expertise, but have already begun sizable contribution to our systems, especially with concerns to scalability and user experience.

We have also brought on board two new associate developers, Leah and Nick. Both are beginning a new career in software, and have shown amazing progress as they begin to assimilate with their teams and tackle features in our core applications and even our newest creations.

To learn a little bit more about our 4 newest developers as well as our seasoned veterans, take a look at our updated brochure courtesy of Jimmy.


The contributions of our newest developers is really no surprise. We have always made it a team responsibility to teach, listen to, and foster colleagues to success. It’s a reflection on the experienced team members’ efforts as well as the new members’ skills that they can be plugged in to the most fundamental of our business’s applications and begin producing immediately. This spirit of camaraderie and  mutually shared success isn’t an order from up above, or a meaningless slogan. Rather, what we’ve learned is, when you’re a part of a team that works together organically, you root for one another (I think I’ve made one too many plant-based puns this post).

I hope we can continue this spirit and attitude as we expand our team in the coming months. We have already announced that we’re looking for summer interns, so check out the recent post on that. Alternatively, we are always looking to hear from interested developers, testers, and business analysts who would be excited to work at a place like Fortigent. If you’d like to learn more about us, connect with us on Twitter.

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