Favorite Check-Ins of April

24 Apr

Following in Brett’s footsteps, I have thumbed through some of our repository commits over the past month and found a few bits of a wisdom, and a few bits of not-so-much wisdom:

Jimmy – 4/18:


Dobri – 4/18:

Wierd namespace got in there somehow….and kept compiling until now? >.>

Brett – 4/15 (Channeling his inner Fiddler on the Roof):

daily positions – oy vey.

Jimmy – 4/10 (To the point):

bad test.

Dean – 4/10:

Killing This branch

And the day before:

Just swearing — cause I’m an idiot

Contrasted with Geoff, who chooses to rid the world of frustrations, one popup at a time:

Removed an annoying alert 🙂

And my favorite commit message of the month is brought to us by Pushpak:

Checking in change

Whoever runs into Pushpak  first should let him know that he’s this month’s grand prize winner.

Well that’s it this for this month folks. Leave a comment with your favorite recent commit message and keep the one liners coming.

One Response to “Favorite Check-Ins of April”

  1. Geoff Snowman May 23, 2013 at 12:11 pm #

    Since I read this article, I have to try to be funny every time I check in

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