Top Commits of May 2013

4 Jun

It’s that time again folks. All of the commits from May have been collected, tallied, analyzed, and sometimes giggled at.

And away we go!

Looks like some people are putting in extra effort to make the list. Kudos for this one:

This class is a stub. You can help Bruce by expanding it and adding citations.

Can’t pass up a chance to highlight the elevated language choice:

Removing misbegotten commit of duplicated classes

Someone gave this developer TOO much power:

no more time zonez.

Speaking of time:

build fix.. stupid…

Thanks for keeping source control PG:

*&%$&^: Broke a JSLint Test – fixing

Got this check-in 3 times in a row. I’m guessing the answer was ‘no’:

Does this fix the EF mapping?

And our top commit of the month is a timeless adage:

Compiles fine on my machine.

Alright that wraps up this month’s edition. I can’t wait to see what wacky commits our dev team can come up with for next month.

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