Fortigent Technology Infographic

25 Jul

Fortigent Technology Agile Transformation Intro

If a picture is worth a thousand words…why create a PowerPoint presentation with a bunch of bullet points?

We decided to create an infographic rather than a PowerPoint presentation after looking at a few examples online. An infographic is a visual representation of data, information, or knowledge.  Our goal was to create a presentation to give an overview of the Agile Transformation of Fortigent’s Technology team.  We believe that a visual display of information with cool imagery often catches people where words alone fail. They are simply interesting – they attract a lot of attention and are more fun to create than a PowerPoint with a bunch of bullet points!

Today, we’re drowning in data! Infographics provide a quick way to communicate data in an easy-to-understand format.  We believe that infographics are easy to digest, simple to understand and aesthetically pleasing.  We are planning to share our technology infographic through our website, LinkedIn, and this blog.  Furthermore, Prezi is used to present our infographics.  We have printed a couple of copies that are circulating around our office and management has expressed interests in showcasing it at conferences.

Our motto and belief are to keep everything we develop as simple as possible.  The same analogy was applied to this infographic.  We filtered through our large amounts of data, gathered the main points, and organized it so the infographic didn’t boggle our audience.  The finished infographic, we believe, is easily read and understood. Needless to say, we spiced up a relatively boring topic (to non-technical people) by using appealing images to engage users’ attention.

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